Advantages of Xingmuyuan Negative Pressure Fan

1、 Characteristics of Xingmuyuan Negative Pressure Fan Products

The entire machine adopts CAD/CAM design, which has the characteristics of low investment cost, large air volume, low noise, low energy consumption, stable operation, long service life, high efficiency, and automatic opening and closing of the louvers to achieve dustproof, waterproof, and beautiful appearance; It can be used for blowing, which is the choice for modern workshop ventilation and can also be used for ventilation. Environmentally friendly and energy-saving negative pressure fans will become the mainstream in the ventilation and cooling equipment market.

2、 Introduction to the Application of Xingmuyuan Negative Pressure Fan

1. Used for ventilation and ventilation: installed outside the workshop window, usually with a lower air outlet and outward ventilation to extract odorous gases; It is widely used in general chemical plants and other fields.

2. Used in conjunction with wet curtains:

Used to cool down the workshop in hot summers. No matter how hot your workshop is, the wet curtain negative pressure fan system can lower the temperature of your workshop to around 30C and maintain a certain level of humidity.

Hammer type fan24
Hammer type fan25

3、 The cooling principle of Xingmuyuan negative pressure fan

Negative pressure fan is a cooling principle that utilizes air convection and negative pressure ventilation. It naturally sucks in fresh air from the opposite direction of the installation site - the door or window - to quickly and forcefully exhaust the stuffy indoor air from the outside. Any poor ventilation problem of the machine can achieve a cooling and ventilation effect of 90% -97%.

4、 The powerful advantages of Xingmuyuan negative pressure fan:

(1). Low investment and low energy consumption. At the same cooling rate, the one-time investment is about one-sixth of that of air conditioning, and the operating cost is about one-tenth of that of air conditioning;

(2). The cooling effect is remarkable. It can reduce the temperature to about 28 degrees, which is consistent with the Human body temperature. If the water from the well is used as the source of the water tank, the effect is better, which can compare with the effect of air conditioning;

(3). The air is fresh and moist. The air cleanliness can reach 99%;

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