Breeding fans have entered the peak sales season, welcome to order!

The water heating coal-fired aquaculture fan produced by the company is a new type of coal-fired aquaculture fan that combines water heating and wind heating, which is developed on the basis of the original product. The fan is mainly composed of a host, auxiliary machines, microcomputer temperature control boxes, water heating pipelines, and hot water circulation pumps; Widely used in livestock and poultry breeding, flower greenhouses, factory heating, and other places.


Compared with other similar products, this aquaculture fan has the following significant characteristics:

1. Coal has a wide range of applications, and any bituminous coal, lump coal, loose coal, etc. can be used without affecting the heating effect.

2. It combines the advantages of fast wind heating and long water heating insulation time of breeding fans, with low operating cost and simple operation

3. Coal saving, this furnace is equipped with a forced combustion support system and an automatic temperature control system, making combustion more complete and smoke exhaust better, saving 30% coal compared to other similar products.

4. The aquaculture fan has the dual function of cooling and heating. In winter, it is connected with hot water to become a Fan heater, and in summer, it is pressed into groundwater to become a cold air fan, which has the same function as water temperature air conditioning.

Post time: Jun-13-2023