How livestock fans can drive the development of the breeding industry

Livestock is an important part of agriculture and plays a vital role in food production. However, ensuring a suitable living environment for livestock is crucial to maintaining their health and well-being. In recent years, the breeding industry has faced challenges due to unventilated and closed environments, leading to the accumulation of harmful gases and particulate matter, causing livestock to suffer from various diseases. To address these issues, livestock enthusiasts have emerged as a viable solution to boost the farming industry.

Livestock fan, also known as negative pressure fan, is an innovative ventilation fan mainly used in negative pressure ventilation and cooling projects. They are designed to solve both ventilation and cooling problems. These fans have unique features such as large size, extra-large air duct, extra-large blade diameter, and extra-large exhaust volume. Additionally, they are known for their high air volume, ultra-low energy consumption, low speed and low noise levels.


When it comes to structural materials, livestock fans can be divided into two major categories: galvanized sheet square negative pressure fans and fiberglass trumpet-shaped negative pressure fans. These fans create a negative pressure zone within the livestock area. By expelling air to the outside, indoor air pressure decreases, causing indoor air composition to change. This, in turn, creates a negative pressure zone that draws fresh air into the room due to the pressure difference.

In practical applications, livestock fans are strategically placed in industrial plants, with livestock animals concentrated on one side of the building. Air intakes are located on the other side, allowing fresh air to flow efficiently throughout the space. With the help of livestock fans, convection blowing is achieved to ensure an orderly flow of air. During this process, the doors and windows near the fan remain closed while forced air enters the fan.

Post time: Nov-04-2023