How to deal with the aluminum alloy cooling pad after it is blocked

Because water filters dust from the air, clogging often occurs during use. Troubleshooting technology for aluminum alloy cooling pd clogging.
The specific method is as follows:
1. Turn off the water supply system of the cooling pad: When dealing with cooling pad blockage, first turn off the water supply pump , and then close the water supply valve  to prevent circuit accidents and water waste.
水帘2. Clean the cooling pad circulating water tank: The water tank used to make the cooling pad circulating water transfer station is often an important cause of cooling pad clogging. When the cooling pad purifies and filters air dust, the filtered dust is basically completely deposited in the water tank. The dust deposited at the bottom of the water tank will flow to the cooling cooling pad paper along with the circulating water supply system. Over time, dust can cause the cooling pad to clog.
3. Clean dust and debris in the cooling pad paper: Use a high-pressure vacuum cleaner to absorb dust and debris on the surface and holes of the cooling pad paper, and use an air pump to blow from the inside of the cooling pad outward to enhance the cleaning effect.
4. Clean and clear the clogged water supply pipes: There are many small nozzle holes in the water supply pipes of the cooling pad, which are easily blocked. Use a slender tube cleaning brush dipped in cleaning fluid to repeatedly clean and clear the water supply pipeline, clean and clear the water supply pipeline, cool the cooling pad paper and water tank, and then clean it repeatedly with clean water through the cooling pad circulation system. After air drying, wait for use to restore the permeability of the cooling pad.
5. When the cooling cooling pad water supply system and water pump power supply system are turned on and running, if the water pump cannot supply water and the cooling pad is not wet, the air needs to be discharged from the water supply pump to eliminate and restore normal water supply. After completing the above steps, the troubleshooting of aluminum alloy cooling pad blockage is completed.

Post time: Mar-11-2024