How to maintain the FRP exhaust fan?

微信图片_20240402160305_副本FRP exhaust fans are widely used in breeding places due to their corrosion resistance. FRP exhaust fan can also be used for factory ventilation, etc. So how to maintain and maintain them before and during use? Xingmuyuan  Machinery will show you the following precautions:
1. When using the FRP exhaust fan after a long period of disuse, first check whether the connection parts are firm and reliable, and then use it officially after trial operation.
2. After the FRP exhaust fan is officially put into operation, whether the screws are loose and the wire skin is damaged should be inspected and repaired once a year.
3. Clean the FRP exhaust fan room every day to keep it clean and well ventilated.
4. The fan and motor often appear in running conditions, with loud noise and abnormal temperature. It is necessary to stop the machine in time for maintenance.

Post time: Apr-02-2024