Pig house fan + cooling pad —–Reasonable pig house ventilation and cooling

微信图片_20240411160448_副本The ventilation of the pig house can discharge the heat in the pig house and has a certain effect on reducing the temperature in the house. At present, there are two kinds of ventilation methods for pig houses: natural ventilation and mechanical ventilation. Natural ventilation is to set up a suitable inlet and outlet in the pig house building, and use the natural wind and temperature difference to introduce fresh air into the house, and exhaust the excess heat and dirty gas in the house. At present, longitudinal ventilation is often used, and the fan is installed on the gable of the pig house for longitudinal ventilation, and the high-temperature air in the house is discharged by the fan and the cool fresh air outside the house is introduced into the room. It plays a better role in the ventilation of the pig house.

Cooling pad fan cooling system is the use of water evaporation heat absorption to achieve cooling evaporation cooling technology, evaporation cooling effect is significant, energy saving, less one-time investment, reliable operation and easy maintenance and other advantages, not only suitable for China’s dry climate in the north, but also for most areas in the south, is the use of common and reasonable ventilation cooling method.

The high temperature weather seriously affects the health status and production performance of pigs, so measures are taken to reduce the temperature to ensure the healthy growth of pigs.

Post time: Apr-11-2024