The application of negative pressure fan in daily life

1. In agriculture, negative pressure fans have long been used for greenhouse planting. Planting orchids or off-season plants can also use negative pressure fans

2. Animal husbandry, which extends from greenhouse seeds, is the use of animal husbandry. It is well known that the environment of chickens, ducks, and pigs directly affects yield and survival rate. In other words, the quality of the environment is related to the harvest of animal husbandry

3. In industry, Tuhe Company originally grew orchids, but many of them were used by the chairman to cool down factories. This concept has been implemented since more than a decade ago. Negative pressure fans can be seen everywhere in various industrial fields such as clothing factories, shoe material factories, toy hardware factories, and so on

4. In public places, it is common to install negative pressure fans in internet cafes and canteens, which is low in cost and high in efficiency. In densely populated and harsh environments, auditoriums, gyms, stations, and so on can all be used.


Post time: Jun-13-2023