Type color and application of cooling pad paper core

Xingmuyuan cooling pad is made of a new generation of polymer materials and spatial cross-linking technology, which has the advantages of high water absorption, high water resistance, fast diffusion rate, anti-mildew, strong cooling efficiency and long service life. Suitable for adjusting indoor humidity.

微信图片_20240411153936_副本Xingmuyuan series cooling pad classification
1. According to the corrugated specifications : 50/90, 60/90, 70/90. (Among them, the widely used is 7090 wave high cooling pad paper)
2. Classification by thickness: 10cm and 15cm, can also be customized according to customer requirements of any thickness.
3. Classification by color: brown, brown green, green, etc.
4. According to the outer frame material: aluminum alloy, galvanized sheet, stainless steel, plastic steel.

The performance and superiority of Xingmuyuan series cooling pad
1. The evaporation is larger than the surface, which can ensure that the water evenly permeates the entire wet curtain wall, and the cooling efficiency is more than 85%.
2. Natural water absorption, fast diffusion, long efficiency. A drop of water can be dispersed in 4 to 5 seconds.
3. With high water absorption, natural water absorption is 60~70mm/5min or 200mm/1.5 hours.
4. Corrugated paper by special treatment, high structural strength, no deformation, durable. The specific three-dimensional space structure provides a large evaporation surface area for the heat exchange between water and air.
5. Easy to install, green, energy saving and economic.

Generality of Xingmuyuan series cooling pad application
Industrial cooling: factory temperature reduction ventilation, industrial humidification, entertainment venues, precoolers, air handling units, etc.
Greenhouse and horticulture: vegetable storage, seed house, flower planting, mushroom planting field, etc.;
Poultry and animal husbandry: chicken farms, pig farms, cattle farms, livestock and poultry breeding

Post time: Apr-11-2024