What are the differences between hammer fans and push-pull fans?

The most widely used fan in some agricultural and animal husbandry industries is the hammer fan. Compared with push-pull fans, this kind of fan is relatively cheaper. However, compared with the push-pull fan and the hammer fan of the same model, the air volume of the push-pull fan is larger than that of the hammer fan.

微信图片_20240316105521_副本Since the price of push-pull fans is so much more expensive than that of hammer fans, it also shows that the difference between these two fans is not limited to the difference in air volume. So, what is the main difference between these two fans?Let’s first take a look at the main performance advantages of hammer blowers.

1. The outer frame adopts excellent automatic processing technology with high precision: extra thick galvanized layer with strong corrosion resistance.

2. The fan blades of the fans have been measured and weighed by static balance. The blades of each fan have been dynamically balanced and calibrated. The dynamic balance weight is controlled within 1g, reaching the best level in the same industry. Reasonable fan blade structural design ensures large air volume and low noise;

3. The aluminum-magnesium alloy pulley has been sandblasted to enhance its appearance, reduce internal stress, and better enhance its own strength;

4. Seven strict quality testing procedures: noise testing, vibration testing, static balance testing, dynamic balance testing, rotational concentric performance testing, fan blade speed testing, and overall machine efficiency testing.

5. Use excellent V-shaped triangle belt, which is high in strength and easy to replace. A new automatic belt adjuster is installed, so manual adjustment is not required during the life of the belt. The bearings adopt silent, self-lubricating bearings for automotive parts;

6. It adopts three types of iron air collectors, fiberglass air collectors and ABS engineering plastic air collectors, and the rear net is easy to disassemble;

7. The automatic opening and closing mechanism of the louver blades is realized with the help of two swing weights that do not require power and an automatic device. This mechanism can ensure that the fan can operate without failure for many years.


Post time: Mar-16-2024